House rules Marina Lux

Dear guests,
in order to make sure all our guests are guaranteed a pleasant stay, please respect the house rules.

Arrivals – departures
• Check-in is scheduled after 15:00. At least one hour before your arrival, it is compulsory to send a text-message/SMS with your estimated time of arrival) to +38631720370.
• Check-out is by 10:00.
• Please check-in and check-out in the reception of Marina.
• Upon check-in you'll be charged 1,5 EUR for check-in fee, and tourist-tax 1,27 eur per adult per night, 0,64 EUR for persons aged 7-18 yrs per night, 0,00 EUR for children under 7 years.
• Accomodation, cleaning fee and jacuzzi fee will be charged separately. Payment is cash, so please prepare accurate amount.

Rules on the terrace
• Always close the sunshelter when leaving the terrace (wind can break it).
• Please keep quiet especially after 22.00.
• Do not litter.
• Never leave glasses or bottles or food and drinks on the terrace unattended.
• Do not throw food or drinks or cigarette ends into the sea.
• Always put a clean towel on the cushin of sun loungers, or deckchairs.
• Do not leave small children on the terrace unattended.

Rules in case of storm or windy weather
• Close the sun shelter and take the remote control for sunshelter inside.
• Move all the glasses, bottles and similar inside (into the sink, dishwasher or cupboard). Do not leave them on counter or table.
• Put the table and chairs in the corner on a marked place against the fence (the spot is marked). Tie them with elastic rope if the storm is strong.
• Make sure the jacuzzi cover is secured with belts.
• Take cushins inside (in case of rain).
• Put the chairs in lower terrace into each other and move it under stairs together with the table.
• Close the windows.

Rules for using a jacuzzi
• Always take a shower before entering a jacuzzi. You can use the shower on the back terrace downstairs.
• Make sure your feet are clean.
• Do not use cell phones or other electronic devices in a jacuzzi.
• Do not bring food, drinks or alcoholic beverages of any sort.
• Use your own towels for jacuzzi.
• Do not carry out any activities other than the intended use.
• Do not soak and spray water.
• Do not press buttons other than PUMP in LIGHT, or do any other adjustments.
• children under age 12 are not allowed to enter jacuzzi.
• do not use a jacuzzi more than 15 min at a time.
• do not use a jacuzzi on a bad weather.
• use of jacuzzi at your own risk.
• Jacuzzi sometimes starts working by itself due to the selfcleaning system, so do not worry, everything is ok. It automaticly stops.
• after each use always cover the jacuzzi, and when finished secure the cover with the belts to prevent damages caused by wind.

General rules
• It is not allowed to smoke inside
• It is not allowed to jump from the Sea house or swim in Marina. The beach is 30 sec away.
• Please take fire measures under serious consideration.
• Please take saftey measures under serious consideration, especially for children, to prevent from drowning, falling across the fence, falling on stairs…etc.
• Cooking is not allowed on the terrace.
• Pets are not allowed.
• Do not throw garbage, food, drinks or cigarette ends in the sea.
• Do not throw anything but toilet paper in the toilet
• The floating houses are designed for resting and relaxing, therefore you are requested not to disturb the peace after 22:00 in order to be considerate of other guests and neighbours. In case of violation we will be forced to make a report. Should the neighbours violate the house rules, please make sure you report it to the Marina Reception +386 5 6761 100 in case of increased disturbance or after 22:00.
• Floating Sea house was thoroughly cleaned prior to your arrival, therefore we kindly ask you to use slippers (bring them with you).
• The floating Sea houses are fully equipped with bed linen, towels, kitchenware, cutlery. There is also a dish cloth, sponge, detergent and cleaning cloths and the tablets for dishwasher at your disposal. Put the tablets on the bottom of the dishwasher before washing. The apartments are equipped with toilet paper, soap and garbage bags for the first use.
• Please do not waste hot water nor dispose of your towels after one use – we wish to be eco-friendly.
• It is also possible to wash your laundry: in Marina there are wahing and drying machines (4 EUR washing per machine, 4 EUR drying per machine).
• We kindly ask you to separate your garbage so we can be as environment-friendly as possible. Our recycling bins can be found only a few feet from the parking lots.
• All the apartments have free wifi. User name amd password can be found on a sticker on the wall. Only 2 devices scan be connected on one username, so you get 2 usernames.


Info desk, maintenance, additional services or reports on violation of public order laws:
• Reception desk in Marina Portorož +386 5 6761 100 Reception of Marina Portorož or via
• Do check the rest of the offer in Marina – free swiming pool, tennis hours, minigolf, etc…

Other important contacts:
• Medical emergency: 112
• Police: 113